Our Management

Shaun Williams

Director, Business and Personnel Development– North America

Shaun Williams possesses many years of experience working in the security profession. Mr. Williams holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Washington. He was the top executive of a consulting firm based in the Seattle, Washington Area. Mr. Williams has specialized in providing personal protection for celebrities and high profile individuals. He successfully completed training at a Special Event High Profile Security/Terrorism Colloquium, which was administered by the U.S. Naval Criminal Investigation Service, and included instruction by members of the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Command, Los Angeles Police Department, and the Israeli National Police.

Mr. Williams' services have been retained by U.S. Senator Barack Obama, Russell Simmons, Alex Rodriguez, Usher Raymond, Christina Aguilera, and Sugar Ray Leonard. He was exposed to security matters in his youth as a member of a military family. Mr. Williams' father served in the United States Air Force as a career senior non-commissioned officer assigned to a number of Special Operations Group teams. His father was selected to perform duties within Internal Affairs for the Executive Branch of the Department of the Air Force, and he was assigned to work with independent intelligence agencies of the United States. Mr. Williams has also gained significant experience in media communications and public relations.

Mr. Williams has developed a solid reputation for providing expertise pertaining to security. He is known by the ownership and management of hospitality and entertainment establishments for his competence and integrity. Mr. Williams has been the subject of news stories in media organizations, which include National Public Radio, Puget Sound Business Journal, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, The Seattle Times, and New York Post.



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